What is Penis Pump

Many men have proven that increasing the size of their penis using a penis pump can provide faster and more effective results.

The penis pump works by sucking air into the tube and creating vacuum pressure. It will draw blood flow to the penis so that the penis will swell because of the more incoming blood flow so that the erection of the penis becomes bigger, even if only temporarily. Not only that, but the use of a penis pump can also solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

On this website, I will discuss one of the penis pump products unique because they are different from penis pumps in general. This penis pump uses water to create hydro-vacuum pressure as a therapeutic method that can increase size without significant side effects and make the penis healthier.

You should read this article carefully to understand why Bathmate is so good for you, learn how the hydro pump works, and tips on choosing the right bathmate for you to use.

Why is Bathmate Special

Bathmate is a penis pump designed to create negative hydraulic pressure for the penis.

Combining the Bathmate pump and water will stimulate and circulate the blood flow in the body, producing a hydro-vacuum that will work in harmony with the penis organs, improving blood flow in the body. Corpus cavernosum (tissue in the shaft of the penis that expands when filled with blood during an erection) so that the penis will get more blood flow. Over time, your penis tissues will enlarge because your penis fills with more blood; you can get bigger and stronger erections.

On the Bathmate official website, you will see three hydro pumps, namely Hydro7, Hydromax, and Hydroxtreme. We all know that every man has a different penis size. Therefore, as the manufacturer of Bathmate, DX products designs several pump sizes in each series to cover all penis sizes.


If you want to have a Bathmate pump, the first thing you have to understand is about penis size and hydro pump because for comfortable use and maximum results, choosing the right bathmate pump is an essential first step.



Bathmate Hydro7

Based on several factors, including the price of a pump that is cheap but of high quality, ease, and comfort when used, which has been proven by millions of users from 60 countries in the world who get real results.

First launched in 2006 and given the name “HERCULES” (now Hydro7). Although Hydro7 is a water-based penis pump with an original design, its success is beyond doubt.

Equipped with a valve that functions to control water flow is the key to Bathmate being the best water-based penis pump.
Hydro7 uses simple adhesive Comfort Pads on the Bellows pump base, which functions to provide a soft sensation and minimize pressure on the body.

Not only does it make your erection more significant, but regular use will also help you keep it in tip-top shape, leading to more demanding and longer-lasting erections and increased sexual satisfaction.

There is only one size of the Hydro7 pump; this pump is perfect for those of you who have a penis length between 5 – 7 “(13 – 18cm) and a thickness less than 6.5” (16.5cm).

Bathmate Hydromax

Hydromax is a pump with better hydro technology and can create more suction power than Hydro7, giving you faster results.

The Hydromax series made with the latest features such as:

  • An update to this valve section adds a switch whose function is to close and lock the valve to prevent water from escaping when you fill the pump tube. This valve will hold the pressure longer with an automatic water pressure release mechanism slowly so that there will be no excessive pressure to harm the penis.
  • The new “system bellow” makes the Hydromax section has a greater suction power for internal size bellows have been enhanced, and the number reduced rubber windings to give more space to increase the size of the circumference of the penis.
  • These pads are called “Long Insert” Soft textured pads that protect the shaft of the penis and keep the head of the penis from hitting the tube wall when pumping. The long insert designed with one side tilted so that it locks the pump pressure tightly.
  • Measuring tool with a better visual appearance to help see the progress of your training.
    There are five sizes of Hydromax pumps, namely:
    Hydromax3: Suitable for penis lengths between 1 – 3 “(3 – 8cm) and thicknesses less than 6.5” (16.5cm).
    Hydromax5: Suitable for sizes 3 – 5 “(8 – 13cm) and thicknesses less than 6.5” (16.5cm).
    Hydromax7: Suitable for sizes 5 – 7 “(13 – 18cm) and thicknesses less than 6.5” (16.5cm).
    Hydromax7 Wideboy: Suitable for penis lengths between 5 – 7 “(13 – 18cm) and penis girths over 6.5” (circumference)
    Hydromax9: Suitable for penis lengths between 7 – 9 “(18 – 23cm) and thicknesses less than 7.6” (19cm).

Bathmate Hydroxtreme

Hydroxtreme is the most potent and effective power penis pump. And the most important part of Hydroxtreme is the “handball pump.”

The same advanced technology features and designs as Hydromax Bathmate, such as New System Bellows, Swivel Bellows, Super Flow Latch Valve, and metric and imperial scale guides. And the most important part of Hydroxtreme is the “handball pump.”

Handball makes the Hydroxtreme pump the easiest to use both in the bath or shower. Its comfort, when used, is indeed very satisfying. The handball working system is bettered than manual pumping the results you will get faster.

Note: The “handball pump” cannot be used on the Bathmate Hydro7 and Hydromax series. The handball pump can only be obtained and used on a Hydroxtreme Bathmate.

To get the best results with this Hydroxtreme equipped with complete supporting accessories, let’s see those?

  • Hydroxtreme
  • Handball Pump
  • Carry Case
  • Hose Attachment
  • Security Lock
  • Comfort Insert Pad
  • Shower Strap + Measuring Gauge
  • Cleaning Sponge
  • Bathmate Clean


Does the hydro pump really works?

Of course, The science behind the Bathmate Hydropump-action system is most simply. Works by utilizing the power of warm water to make it perfect.

Are The Bathmate Safe To Use?

Bathmate design has been thoroughly tested by a world-renowned research institution, Aspen Clinical Research, and are guaranteed safe for use.

What’s the difference between the Hydro series, Hydromax and the Hydroxtreme series?

Still the same as the old one, the Hydro7 series is the most basic pump. The Hydromax series is an evolution from the Hydro series, but with greater vacuum strength. What about the Hydroxtreme Series? Basically, the Hydroxtreme series is the same as Hydromax, but this pump has several advantages that are not available in other series. i think handball pumps and shower straps are the most important part of Hydroxtreme.

Where can I buy Bathmate?

The best place to get a bathmate is to buy it directly from Official Bathmate Website, only there you can get free shipping.

Does the manufacturer have a money back guarantee?

Yes, When you buy Hydropump direct from their official website, it offers free discreet worldwide shipping, guarantees for 60 days if your pump tube is a malfunction, and If you don’t see any results in 60 days, you can get all your money back.



WARNING! Make sure you’re buying Hydro Pump direct from the manufacturer. Fake products don’t have the same performance or safety testing. On clicking the button below, you will be directed to Bathmate’s official website.